Iqbal Alikhan

Iqbal Alikhan
Program Director
IBM Corporation

Iqbal AliKhan is a change agent; he has been at the forefront of applying technology to build new business models for IBM and its clients. Banker by training and experience he moved over to management consulting, building an intuitive understanding of technology and its application. He has used cognitive analytics, Watson (artificial intelligence & machine learning), mobile, big data, IoT, cloud deployments and Blockchains to operationalize new business models. Iqbal has built a diverse portfolio of facilitating enterprise responses to industry disruptions working at the bleeding edge of innovative adoption by commercial and central banks, governments, and commercial organizations. 

With over 20 years of work experience Iqbal has worked in the US, Europe and Asia, lived in China and has recently been using Dubai as the base to serve China, Hong Kong, ASEAN, Middle East and Africa, including Pakistan and Turkey.